Elimine el Dolor de Espalda con un Procedimiento Simple…La



Para aquellos que sufren de dolor crónico de espalda, una solución simple y manejable.
Está disponible en el Dr.Roque’s Pain Relief Center


El Dr. Roque hablo recientemente en una conferencia sobre las nuevas técnicas utilizadas que han cambiado y revolucionado el tratamiento del dolor de cuello y lumbar.



“Una laminoforaminotomia es realizada en centros especializados en cirugía mínimamente invasiva laser de columna  y continúa ganando favoritismo en el campo de la cirugía láser de columna . Esta es una tecnología efectiva, reciente, y los pacientes están experimentando una cicatriz mínima y en un período de recuperación de tres a cuatro días en la comodidad de sus hogares”, Dijo recientemente el Dr. Roque en una conferencia dirigida a numerosos médicos en New Jersey

Cuando escuchamos la frase “la cirugía de columna”, las palabras “simples” y “rápido” no aparecen rápidamente en nuestros conceptos mentales de cirugía, pero para los que sufren de dolor crónico de espalda, una solución simple y manejable está disponible y se ofrece ahora en Nueva Jersey.

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An intra-articular infiltration or injection is a form of treatment that involves injecting powerful anti-inflammatory corticosteroids and analgesic into a joint under Fluoroscopy Guided-Image Technology. This type of injection is routinely performed on patients suffering from a variety of conditions that cause inflammation in the joints of the body. Intraarticular steroid injections have been used on patients since 1951. Since then, they have been the subject of numerous medical studies that have revealed their benefits in treating pain and inflammation.



  • Approximately 7.5 million people go to the doctor’s office every year for shoulder injuries, including shoulder and upper arm sprains and strains. 
  • About 2/3 of patients with shoulder pain don’t need surgery. Conservative treatment options like rotator cuff exercises and Infiltration under fluoroscopy guided image  technology reduce shoulder inflammation and improve functionality.
  • Shoulder pain can make activities such as throwing a ball, lifting a heavy dish from a high cupboard, or even steering a car difficult. The shoulder is engaged in almost all arm movements, so painful movement of the shoulder joint affects many everyday activities. Add a comment

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Ankle Joint Pain: A common procedure known as an Ankle Joint Block works powerfully to reduce inflammation and control pain.   

 Authors: Stephanie M. Morfi, Biology, Ramapo College of New Jersey; USA, PAIN RELIEF CENTER

Ankle Pain Fluoroscopic Guided Image Technology 1


  • Chronic degenerative inflammation of the cartilage in the ankle joint causes osteoarthritis. 
  • Pain while standing or walking can be devastating and interfere with the quality of life.   
  • An ankle block under Fluoroscopic Guided-Image Technology is used during the procedure to ensure precise needle placement so that medication can be applied accurately on the affected site.
  • Quickly recover to your optimal physical and functional abilities with proper treatment.
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