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 "Is a natural and alternative solution, using your   Stem Cells derived from your bone marrow and with the purpose of renovating your tissue and relieving chronic post-traumatic and painful conditions," said Dr. Roque at the Medical Conference of regenerative technology with stem cells at Washington DC, in the company of great Scientists around the world in this medical field.


   Innovative technology with Stem Cells Implantation is the future in the treatment of many medical conditions and especially in the management of chronic painful disorders which affect a vast majority of the population and which it has become one of the leading causes of disability in the US. 

Stem Cells, by the fundamental ability to turn into any cell type and tissue-  cartilage muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, nerve and fibrous tissue, have the capacity to renew, heal and regenerate aging and degenerating tissues. This innate biological attribute is beginning to be elucidated and be translated from a complex research laboratory to a simple day to day medical practice. Its applications are boundless, from cancer to pain management, and it is here, in the suffering of painful states of millions of patients with chronic debilitating and incapacitating pain conditions that Stem Cell transplantation has found its place and has become a determinant factor in relieving the profound misery of an individual in PAIN.


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The Stem Cells are responsible for renewing, healing and regeneration of tissues that regularly die by millions in every second of our lives. Indeed, we can emphatically say that these Stem Cells are "The MAESTROS that lead and orchestrate MASTERFULLY the Symphony of CELL REGENERATION for the REJUVENATION of tissues and organs."

During the last few years, many high-performance athletes have used this STEM CELL Technology to treat their intractable injuries and pains, which have failed standard treatments and surgeries, and thanks to the effectiveness in the treatments with mesenchymal stem cells, their careers have been reborn.  One of the most talked-about, at the end of 2014, was the case of Rafael Nadal, who returned to training after recovering from a serious injury on the back, thanks to this procedure. The list of athletes  who have sought this therapy abroad is long and just  to name a few: Bartolo Colon, baseball player; Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer player; Kobby Bryan, basketball player; Peyton Manny ( after 3 neck surgeries), American football player; Angel De María, soccer player; Tiger Woods, golf player.  Fortunately, this new technology of mesenchymal stem cells transplantation is now approved by the FDA and can be applied in the treatment of a vast number of medical conditions, including post-traumatic injuries and age-related degeneration to the neck, back, elbow, shoulder hip knee, and ankle.


According to the "father mesenchymal stem cells," Dr. Arnold Kaplan, from the University of Case Western in Cleveland Ohio, these stem cells have the ability to orchestrate any repair of tissues, especially those aged or traumatized. Also known as mesenchymal stem , stromal cells or MSC (Mesenchymal Stem Cells or Mesenchymal Stromal Cells), are primitive multipotent cells that can give rise to new cells of fibrous tissue as well as bone, cartilage, heart, cells, brain, vascular and muscular tissue with the function of restoring, renewing and repairing  tissues and organs; thus stem cells can be used for the repair of arthritic, traumatized joints responsible for the chronic pains experienced by millions of individuals as a consequence of  herniated discs or arthritic/traumatize shoulders, neck, back, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle and many other conditions medical, presently treated but not cured with medicines and surgery.


When obtained from the bone marrow, mesenchymal stem cells therapies respond directly to the process of regeneration, while treatment with plasma rich platelets (PRP) just simply attempts to recruit stem cell.  When stem cell therapy is prepared under minimum handling and satisfying the FDA guidelines and implemented under the guidance of a specialist trained and duly certified in this area, its results are substantially efficient and excellent in the treatment painful conditions resulting from many medical conditions such as common injuries, osteoarthritis and many degenerative disorders of the joints.  For best results, concentration or aspiration of mesenchymal stem cells should be obtained from the deep areas of the Iliac Bone under fluoroscopic image guided technology; an average of 100% concentration of mesenchymal stem cells can be obtained at the iliac Crest and is considered the ideal place to harvest it.

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Stem Cell Therapy derived from the bone marrow is a breakthrough, non-surgical procedure which can be used as an alternative solution for those patients who suffer painful conditions due to common injuries or other degenerative problems of the joins.



v  Back and neck pain secondary to a disc herniation / protrusion, as well as facet syndrome.

v  Knee Pain due to Osteoarthritis and damage to tendons, ligaments, and meniscus.

v  Hip pain as a result of common injuries, hip arthritis, osteonecrosis, hip bursitis or other degenerative problems related to the hip joint

v   Shoulder pain caused by tearing of the rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, or degenerative arthritis.

v  Elbow, wrist and ankle pain.

v  Non-healing Fractures

Stem cell treatment using your concentrated bone marrow cells and implanting it in traumatized or arthritic joints, with the purpose of healing and regenerating these tissues in a natural way.


The benefits of mesenchymal stem cells can be summarized as follows:

 Renew, regenerate, repair, immunomodulate (increases or decreases the defenses) traumatized and degenerated tissues. Stimulates cell growth and maintains tissues and organs in optimal physiological and healthy conditions; this technology is available at Dr. Roque Pain Relief Center. The Center fully equipped with innovative cutting-edge equipment required to practice this type of procedures safely and effectively.


 Millions of patients with chronic pain could benefit from a treatment which regenerates and heals the tissues causing the PAINS


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